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If you or a loved one are dealing with a medical problem that requires surgical care, our goal here is to equip you with the knowledge and understanding necessary for you to make an informed decision you are comfortable with. 
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Our Mission 1C13 represents 1 Corinthians 13, a passage in the bible that specifically illustrates how anything we do is meaningful only if it is done out of love. The passage also fully describes what that love should look like. Our vow at 1C13 Medical is to care for every patient with the same manner that we would want for ourselves and those we personally love and cherish. For us, this care manifests in several ways: Our commitment to excellence, not only in the practice of medicine and surgery, but also in everything else we do - staying up to date on medical knowledge, performing our administrative duties as timely and flawlessly as possible, and attempting to implement the best practices in as efficient a manner as possible. Our commitment to dedication, which involves a good work ethic, persistence, reliability, and consistency in anything we do, both for patients and for other organizations we work with. Our commitment to compassion, in mindfulness of the suffering or disease of every patient we encounter and in remembering that all we do ultimately is for the sake of a fellow human being in need. Our commitment to integrity, in being as transparent as possible in every aspect of the care we provide for our patients. Bariatric Surgery Bariatric, or Weight Loss Surgery, not only helps with losing weight but also in treating of medical conditions caused by obesity, or excess weight. Minimally Invasive Surgery Many abdominal surgeries can now be performed through small incisions, with a telescopic camera and long, thin instruments. 
 General Surgery Many medical problems involving the gallbladder, abdominal wall (hernias), stomach/intestine/colon, soft tissue and skin fall within the realm of general surgery. Robotic Surgery Surgical robots now allow a surgeon to perform a number of laparoscopic techniques that were previously difficult or impossible.

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It is also our desire to make you secure in the knowledge that 1C13 medical will work to provide you with the best medical care that we possibly can. 
Should you have any questions that are not answered by the information you find on our site, feel free to call us at 877-235-1213 or email us at for any specific questions.
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Slide We seek to serve your surgical needs 1C13 medical provides a number of services within the realm of general surgery, minimally invasive/robotic surgery, and bariatric surgery. General Surgery Many medical problems involving the gallbladder, abdominal wall (hernias), stomach/intestine/colon, soft tissue and skin fall within the realm of general surgery. Learn More Bariatric Surgery Bariatric, or Weight Loss Surgery, not only helps with losing weight but also in treating of medical conditions caused by obesity, or excess weight.
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Slide Dr. Cyrus Moon MD FACS general bariatric surgery Dr. Moon was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He moved to Houston, Texas for high school. He then went on to receive his Bachelors of Science degree in biomedical engineering and computer science at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Towards the end of undergraduate school Dr. Moon made the decision to pursue a career in medicine, which would allow for a career involving science as well as direct interaction and service to others. He went on to pursue his medical degree at the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Moon completed his surgical residency at the University of California San Francisco, Fresno program. During residency he has found interest in the techniques of minimally invasive surgery as well as the benefits that it offered for surgical patients, in terms of faster recovery and decreased pain, discomfort and morbidity. Dr. Moon therefore went on to complete a fellowship in Minimally Invasive Surgery at UCSF Fresno, with mentors that are world renowned in the field of bariatric surgery. He has been practicing surgery in the Central Valley ever since completion of his training in 2013; first in Delano where he is still Bariatric Surgical Director, and now in Bakersfield since the fall of 2016. He is currently one of the only fellowship-trained bariatric surgeons practicing in Kern County. Schedule an appointment arrow_right

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Risks of Bariatric Surgery Bariatric Surgery Risks of Bariatric Surgery PERIOPERATIVE (SHORT TERM) RISKS Thombosis (Blood clots) Blood clots can develop in the legs (deep venous thrombosis – DVT), and can potentially break off and travel back to the lungs (pulmonary embolism), which can be life-threatening. šThis is historically Continue Reading Myths and questions regarding bariatric surgery and weight loss Blog As we start off the new year, it is understandable that many people struggling with ongoing weight problems are looking into getting serious about losing the weight and getting healthier once and for all. Here is a link to a recently Continue Reading Who Needs Bariatric Surgery? Blog Insurance companies and most official guidelines today will tell you that in order to qualify for bariatric surgery, your body mass index (BMI) should be above 40 kg/m2, or it should be above 35 kg/m2 with some ongoing medical problem Continue Reading Photo Booth at the CASA superhero run sponsored by 1C13 Medical Upcoming Events A photo booth was recently sponsored by 1C13 Medical; if you attended the CASA Superhero run, you hopefully had a chance to get some pictures taken! Continue Reading Dr. Moon becomes ACS Fellow Blog Continue Reading Obesity and Cancer Blog Obesity can cause cancer! The link below leads to an AMA journal article that concludes an obvious link between obesity and an increased risk of developing cancers of all types. If you are dealing with obesity and weight-related health problems, talk to Continue Reading The cost of surgery, the cost of inaction Blog The future cost of your healthcare isn't necessarily the first thing you think about when looking into bariatric surgery - most people have tried to lose weight in the past and now have looked to surgery in order to help them Continue Reading The Difficulties Behind Succesful Weight Loss Blog In the February 2015 issue of Lancet, a very prominent British medical journal, an interesting article was published about obesity and its effects on the body.  This article speaks against the simple reasoning that once someone is obese, treatment to Continue Reading

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The Medicare Health Center is a your go-to team of doctors for all your medical needs. Office Address:
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